Sarah Z. Sleeper - Writer & Editor

Selected Works

Displayed in the Bellarmine Museum of Art
Published in The Story Shack
Personality Profiles
Driven by ambition and a desire to expose injustice, Gellhorn traveled into war-torn areas for seven decades.
Dennis Carson is humble but others are eager to tout his live-saving efforts.
The “myth” of Amherst, revealed in insightful anecdotes about her life and work.
Business and Technology
Qualcomm is a wireless pioneer. Here's an insightful analysis.
E*Trade burst on the scene with big promises. Did its financial results add up?
An improved Web site aims to give public more info.
Unless you're a rocket scientist, you may not have heard of Ansys, but you'll wish you had.
Wireless companies were nearly decimated by the post-dot-com economy. Can 3G save their skins?
Small business owners must either take a new name or take a huge financial hit.
Report on the Media
Newsbytes editor Kevin Featherly says he was "Napstered" by Steven Brill.
A in-depth report on how media the scored in diversity efforts in the year 2000.
Corporate Case Studies
Steelscape is a model of business excellence, with a strong software foundation.
Sweet Ovations, the maker of delicious treats, downsized its technology and upped its creativity and efficiency.
Consumer Advocacy Reporting
This article reveals what the headlines don’t- nonprofit executive salaries range high and low.

"Not Afraid of You," "Disgrace of Desiderata," "Penthesilea before Achilles"

These three poems were inspired by art and relics in the Bellarmine Museum of Art at Fairfield University. The first, "Not Afraid of You," was inspired by this winged bat figure, from Mexico (Veracruz), circa 250-500. The second poem, "Disgrace of Desiderata," was inspired by this cloisonné disk brooch, of Frankish origin, 6th century. The third poem, "Penthesilea before Achilles," was inspired by "Wounded Amazon," a plaster cast of an original Greek bronze, circa 440 BCE.