Sarah Z. Sleeper - Writer & Editor

Selected Works

Displayed in the Bellarmine Museum of Art
Published in The Story Shack
Personality Profiles
Driven by ambition and a desire to expose injustice, Gellhorn traveled into war-torn areas for seven decades.
Dennis Carson is humble but others are eager to tout his live-saving efforts.
The “myth” of Amherst, revealed in insightful anecdotes about her life and work.
Business and Technology
Qualcomm is a wireless pioneer. Here's an insightful analysis.
E*Trade burst on the scene with big promises. Did its financial results add up?
An improved Web site aims to give public more info.
Unless you're a rocket scientist, you may not have heard of Ansys, but you'll wish you had.
Wireless companies were nearly decimated by the post-dot-com economy. Can 3G save their skins?
Small business owners must either take a new name or take a huge financial hit.
Report on the Media
Newsbytes editor Kevin Featherly says he was "Napstered" by Steven Brill.
A in-depth report on how media the scored in diversity efforts in the year 2000.
Corporate Case Studies
Steelscape is a model of business excellence, with a strong software foundation.
Sweet Ovations, the maker of delicious treats, downsized its technology and upped its creativity and efficiency.
Consumer Advocacy Reporting
This article reveals what the headlines don’t- nonprofit executive salaries range high and low.


--My poems, "Not Afraid of You," "Disgrace of Desiderata," and "Penthesilea Before Achilles" were published in Painters & Poets, January 2015.

--My story, "A Few Innocuous Lines," which won an honorable mention in the popular fiction category from Writer's Digest, was published in Legends literary journal, summer 2014.

--My poem, "Dogs of Ecuador," was longlisted for the Fish Poetry Prize, May 2014.

--The book, Now What? The Creative Writer's Guide to Success After the MFA, debuted at the AWP Conference in Seattle, February 2014. I wrote a chapter in this book, a collaboration with my peers from Fairfield University.

--My flash fiction, "Gretchen in the Box," was published in The Story Shack. It's an excerpt from my much longer short story, "Mantek Mans Up."

--My ekphrastic poetry collection, "ekphrasis II," was on display at the Bellarmine Museum and I gave a public reading there.

--I'm hard at work on my novel, Gaijin/​Suicide Forest.

**I NEED AN AGENT for my short story collection, A Few Innocuous Lines, my novel, Gaijin, and my ever-expanding poetry collection.

For the past three years I transitioned from journalist and business writer to literary writing and editing. I completed my MFA in 2012 at Fairfield University in Connecticut, and studied under Da Chen, Karen Osborn, Eugenia Kim, Alan Davis, Nalini Jones and other amazing writers/​professors. My ekphrastic poetry was selected by Fairfield University's Bellarmine Museum for public display and I recently taught a poetry workshop for San Diego Writers, Ink. Last year, I completed a stint as editor-in-chief of the literary magazine Mason’s Road, where I oversaw all editorial processes for the fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, drama and craft essay genres, and directed the work of nine other editors. During that time I organized the Mason’s Road Literary Award and Mason’s Road Writers Night. Prior to becoming editor-in-chief, I was Mason’s Road’s editor for creative nonfiction as well as a reader in the fiction genre. In 2011 and 2012 I was on the editorial team at New Rivers Press, a literary publisher based at Minnesota State University, Moorhead. As part of that work, I edited American Fiction, a book of the best short stories of the year from new writers. I planned and orchestrated in-person appearances and awards entries for author Elizabeth Searle. I also screened manuscripts for the publisher’s “Many Voices Project,” to find the best new literary novel or short story collection.

Past Accomplishments

I won journalism awards in three different genres:

—Daily Newspaper, Best Daily Personality Profile, for my feature on poet Emily Dickinson.
—Magazine, Public Service/​Consumer Advocacy, for my analysis of nonprofit CEO pay.
—Daily Newspaper, Business, Financial and Technological, for my story on Mail Boxes Etc.

Other career highlights include:

—A term as national vice president for the National Writers Union, a group devoted to protecting writers’ copyrights and promoting their careers. During my tenure the NWU won its precedent-setting lawsuit, Tasini versus New York Times, which bans illegal online use of published work.

—A three-year stint covering the media, writing and editing articles about censorship, diversity and the business of media, for a CBS-owned Web site.

—Four years reporting in Japan, covering culture and business.

—Two years as managing editor of a national computer magazine.

—Two years as technology reporter for a national newspaper.

—Oportunities to shoot and publish cover and inside photographs for magazines, as well as to direct magazine design and layout (as a part of reporting and editing duties).

—A fellowship awarded by the National Press Foundation in Washington, D.C., where I went to study business and economic reporting.

—An invitation to guest lecture at the University of New Mexico, on how to earn a living as a freelance writer and editor.

—Two invitations to guest lecture to the professional writing students at San Diego State University.

—An invitation to Germany to teach my copywrited seminar, "Riveting Writing," about clear and concise business writing.

—A successful freelance career with long lists of publications (see Bibliography) and corporate clients such as SAP, Qualcomm, Intel, Accenture and Siemens.

—Membership in highly regarded professional organizations including the Authors' Guild, the Society of Professional Journalists and the Press Club.

—Ongoing attendance at writing, technology and business conferences, both to report on them and to gain education.

—A week of in-depth study at the Fine Arts Workshop in Provincetown, Mass., as well as continuing education via various writers retreats and conferences around the country.